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Rasty and Julie, Papayita, Bro, Chipito and myself Tamzen, are the Balsasurfers team. Rasty shapes each surfboard and blank with his young apprentice Papayita. Julie, Rastys wife, decorates surfboards, posters and clothes with her unique fluid pattern of faces, shells and sea life in black Indian ink. Bro the cocktail expert and Chipito, recently a Dad, have joined Rasty to swell the surfing school and board hire business for a growing number of tourists.

Rasty and Tamzen with a plethora of boards

All the guys compete, Bro taking 3rd place in the Latin pro qualifier in Montanita Dec 2006, while Rasty continues to win strategic Ecuadorian comps, top places in California, Panama, Venezuela and Peru - watch out for his soulful style in the World qualifiers!

Balsasurfers will be sponsoring the Balsa Cup! Starting in Ecuador the surf competition will travel the world raising awareness of ecological Balsa wood surfboards. Perfect for displaying the talent and traditional skills of wooden board riding and featuring short board thrusters, fish, traditional malibus and progressive long boards.

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Borrow a board

We are very happy to let you ride a balsa wood board, contact Tamzen for loan of a trial balsa fish or long board from the Gallery in Devon.

Borrow a board and get in the water - the only way to really tell!

Borrow a board and be as happy as this!

All the surfers who have bought surfboards and blanks from Balsasurfers are constantly in our minds, your decision to support this cooperative is important to us. We thank you and try to keep in touch whenever possible, the spirit of solidarity is great amongst us. Your new balsa boards raise Balsasurfers from the underground, show other surfers the green dream and will shake a global consciousness awake. ALOHA!

Some of the UK's balsa riders!

Feel free to air your views and news on these pages! We are updating them every month so pictures, my space, website links, diaries and personal experiences will all get on and are welcomed greatly.